Custom Tube Fabrication

Tube Samples
Tube Samples

At PEKAY Machine & Engineering Co., Inc. we are a highly regarded fabricator of premium quality, custom stainless steel and carbon steel tubular products. Our facility houses both mandrel bending and roll bending equipment specifically geared for smaller diameter tubing measuring up to 1-1/4" in diameter with wall thickness in the 12 ga to 18 ga range. With our more than 60 years of experience in tube bending and fabrication, we are capable of meeting any application-specific challenge. We execute a wide variety of precision tube fabrication processes and can manage most projects in an accelerated two-week to four-week time frame.

Our production resources allow us to bend tubing into simple shapes and forms, such as elbows and U-bends. We can also create complicated 2D and 3D geometries with multiple bends, unusual contours, and complex angles. Depending on tube diameter, we can create bend radii in the ½" to 10" range while upholding tolerances of ±0.0625". With operations set up for maximum efficiency and flexibility, we handle projects that range from a single workpiece for a prototype or specialty application, to mass production of tubular products in quantities of 20,000 units or more.

As a major provider to the furniture industry, we keep a sharp focus on quality and consistency. Our services are also widely used to manufacture components for items such as POP displays and other retail fixtures. In addition, we have a strong presence in the industrial sector for supplying quality small-diameter tubing used in heavy-duty process machinery and equipment.

We are efficient, reliable, and have an outstanding reputation for providing total customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our tube fabrication capabilities.

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Custom Tube Fabrication Highlights

Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Other non-ferrous materials
Fabrication Method
Mandrel Bending
Press Bending
Roll Bending
Applications Include:
Furniture Parts
Pont of Purchase Displays (POP)
Consumer Products
Outdoor Equipment
Food Service Applications
Tube Sizes
Round: 1/4 to 1-1/4 in
Square: ¼ to 1 in
Wall Thickness
12 GA – 20 GA
Bend Radius
½" – 10" depending on tube size
Tolerance (+/-)
1/16 in
Production Volume
Low to High Volume Production
Typical Lead Time
2 - 4 Weeks

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