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Main Mixer Aeration Equipment
Main Mixer Aeration Equipment

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Pekay's superior sand preparation is produced by configuring the proper combinations and speeds of special custom-designed wheels.

Weld-on hubs and taperlock bushings are used in the wheel's construction, enabling a 1/8" clearance between the wheel and the inside housing. This increases aerating and mixing efficiency.

Each type of wheel has a specific function, and is guaranteed to meet your most exacting standards.


Airator Wheel

Airator WheelThe Airator wheel is designed to provide aeration by breaking up lumps and clay balls which may have been discharged from the muller.
When coupled with a Cutter Wheel, this wheel will provide thorough aeration of all prepared sand.

Cutter Wheel

Cutter WheelThe Cutter wheel's unique cross mixing design performs excellent mixing and aerating action.

Each blade (Qty 24) cuts and cross mixes small increments of sand and additives.

Helical Wheel

Helical WheelThe Helical wheel features a unique mixing action across the belt.

This results in a superior mix of any combination of water, bond and sand.

Brush Wheel

Brush SegmentThe Brush wheel, comprised of 6 segments (see photo at left) bolted around the perimeter of the wheel's core, produces a final high quality aeration to the molding sand. 

It is normally used in conjunction with Cutter and Airator Wheels.